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Forklifts are considered as important pieces of tools for businesses that focus on heavy lifting operations. Forklifts may be a costly investment, particularly if your budget is less. If you own a warehouse, you may understand the importance of having reliable forklifts. Forklifts are important for performing different material handling tasks with ease. At Forklift101, we have years of experience in providing quality Used Forklifts inLos Angeles County CA. We offer all types of used forklifts including Used Raymond Forklifts Used Toyota Forklifts, Used Hyster Forklifts, Used TCM Forklifts, Used Yale Forklifts, Used Clark Forklifts, Used Caterpillar Forklifts and a lot more.

Our company has its major focus on customer satisfaction. So, all our used forklifts are in good condition to meet the needs of our customers. Our customers are fully satisfied with our Used Forklifts Los Angeles County CA services. Save money on your forklifts at Forklift101!

Many business owners choose to buy a second-hand or used forklift as it gives them more advantages. You can find reputable and professional forklifts dealerships that offer used machines in good condition at affordable prices. Some of the benefits that can be acquired by buying a second-hand forklift are as follows:

Affordable Price:

One of the biggest advantages of buying a used forklift is the affordable price. When compared with the price of a new forklift, purchasing a second-hand forklift machine is a more affordable option. Since there are a number of reliable forklifts suppliers, you can compare several used forklifts before finalizing a decision on forklift buying.

Extra Machines:

Since the used forklifts are available at low price, you can purchase two used forklifts for the cost of one new forklift. All you need to do is to discover the right forklifts supplier.

Proven Functionality:

A second-hand or used forklift has already been set to the experiment. A second-hand forklift may offer the right results for a back up forklift.


Workers already know how to operate older model forklifts without any training. They will utilize that experience to manage them efficiently and effectively. With no extra training, your cost of functioning is reduced and ease of use is improved.

Low Maintenance Costs: Though used forklift are in good condition. So, it will lower the maintenance costs.

Powerful Performance:

As you can easily find several used forklifts in good working condition. It implies that these forklifts can provide the same powerful performance as that of the new forklifts.

Why Choose Forklift101?

Buy-back Guarantee:

At Forklift101, Each used forklift has been revamped, cleaned and inspected by our certified technicians.  Our company is confident in the quality of our reconditioned forklifts — and as a further level of protection, we renewed second-hand forklifts are available with our buy-back guarantee!

Exceptional Quality:

Our renewed used forklifts are energy efficient and deliver high-performance at an affordable price. Our company takes pride in offering outstanding value and in offering used forklifts that appear and execute like new.

Wide Selection Available:

When the requirement comes along, our used forklifts offer a cost-effective way to enhance your current workforce, with reliable solution that accurately fits your function and works as expected. We offer an easy access to a number of used forklifts across Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Kansas Los Angeles County, Ontario, Orlando, Phoenix, Pittsburg, Portland, New Orleans, San Diego, Tampa, Seattle, Los Angele, Milwaukee and other parts of U.S.

Buying a new forklift means that there are latest features your workers need to learn. On the other hand, when you invest in a second-hand forklift, workers are already familiar with the functionality and can easily handle the job without spending extra time and money on training. There is no need to raise your forklift accessories to suit the new models. Things will work like the same way as before. The only difference is that your machines will increase their number as you can easily buy a number of used forklifts to enhance work performance.

Make buying a used forklift your number one preference whenever you require another forklift to deal with your material handling jobs. Second-hand or Used forklifts are much more economic than the new forklift machines that have been released recently in the market. As with all purchases, be sure to do your research ensure that the used forklift you purchase can meet your expectations.

We, at Forklift101, work to ensure:

  • Minimal cost
  • Fast response time
  • Maximum uptime
  • 24/7 onsite service
  • Replacement units
  • Computerized reports
  • Worksafe conformity

If your forklift requires maintenance or servicing our company can help too! Our qualified forklift professionals offer repairs to all mechanical components including lifting gear, tine replacement and forklifts. We provide proven forklift maintenance, parts replacement and usual safety inspections to keep everything operating smoothing so your business can run without expensive down time.

With a wide range of Forklift machines and other equipments, let ForkLift101 become your basis for all you require for the efficient and effective completion of jobs. Save money and hassle on your material handling equipments with Forklift101. All our second-hand or used forklifts are examined by our professional forklift service technicians. Speak with us today to know more about used forklifts!

Whether you are planning for dependable forklifts, allied products, service, parts or training, Forklift101 is the perfect move for you.  Our company will be there as your partner in offering the best material handling solutions for you. You can take a look at our online catalog that showcases a wide variety of products we are offering! Call us at 888 508-7278 or contact us via our website to purchase used forklifts for your business!